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Solutions On How To Access Facebook In China


The Internet and the People’s Republic of China have a difficult relationship. Because of the nature of the Chinese regime, access to the internet to local citizens is censored and restricted. For any visitors who travel to this nation, the same rules also apply and make access to a certain group of websites and services problematic. This means that anyone visiting China will need to find a viable way to get to Facebook, unblock the YouTube service and Twitter, along with the fact that Gmail is blocked there and a range of other websites as well. This is not something that is an occasional problem in China; instead, the country uses this censorship as its official national policy. The same issue became relevant for many visitors and expats living in the country which is why several methods of circumventing the Great Chinese Firewall have been created. Here are the most popular, as well as tried and tested ways to help those who wonder how to access Facebook in China.

TOR Network

TOR is a network of IP Address nodes that is made up from a huge number of people who use it from their home countries scattered across the globe. Any request for a website through TOR is rerouted so many times that the end destination does not know where it comes from. But, because the network is used for so many purposes, China has worked hard to try to prevent TOR from working regularly on its territory. Because of this, using it to access Facebook or some other online destination from China might prove to be very difficult.

VPN System

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and they demand download and installation of software packages to a computer. Once it is up and running, it allows the users to find ways through the firewall and the websites on the other side. When using a VPN, it is essential to go for trusted sources because those coming from an unknown source might be laden with viruses.

Free Proxies

Free proxy networks crop up from time to time and offer a resolution on the issue of how to access Facebook in China. But, they come with a range of disadvantages. Firstly, they are very slow and most will be shut down very quickly. Also, because of their nature, they will not include any type of tech support or any other similar technical aid.

Secure Proxies

Secure proxies are one of the most used methods of reaching the uncensored internet from China. They are employed in general by people who travel to other nations where access to the internet is restricted as well. These include places like Dubai, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan, and Iran. In all of these, like in China, secure proxies work well as a means of uninterrupted connectivity. An additional advantage of secure proxies and the reason why so many people go for this option is their ability to test out the services using a free trial.

With one or more of these methods, there is little doubt that a person visiting China will be able to connect to Facebook or some other blacklisted website or service. While they might demand some time, money or effort, it is clear that there are plenty of ways of overcoming the Great Chinese firewall.



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